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SOULHOUSE makes books that help people to lead better life in the field of child education, parenting, practical use, humanities, and self-development. With dedication and devotion, we are striving to make books that are beloved by readers for a long time.

Until now, 《Five Future Education Codes》, 《100 World People》, 《How to Escape from the New Mother’s crisis》, and 《Child-centered Creative Play》 were selected as Sejong Books, and 《Reading Essay Debate》 was selected as a winner in Publishing Content Creation project. Also 《The Skill of an Introvert who is not Scared on Mondays》, 《How to Escape from the New Mother’s crisis》, 《How to Escape from the New Parent’s Crisis》, 《Child-centered Creative Play》, and 《Child-centered Mutual Play》, etc. have been exported to overseas markets.


2019. <Child-focused Creative Play> selected as Sejong Books

2018. <Avoiding Mental Breakdown as a New Mom> international publication rights

2018. <100 World Leaders> selected as Sejong Books

2017. <Five Codes of Future Education> selected as Sejong Books


SOULHOUSE is publication brand of ICT Company Co., Ltd.
For inquiries about contracting, please send e-mail to