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100 World Leaders

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Ten Seeds of Success for Global Leaders
100 World Leaders
2018 Sejong Books Selection for Culture Books
Author Planning & Interview : Heo, Byeongmin / Author : Han, Seonjeong / Illustrator : Yoo, Namyeong
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2018/01/22
Price 14,000 Won
Size/Pages W 190mm, H 260mm, Thickness 12.5mm, 220 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-00-2 73330
Category Child Development, Leadership
Keywords #Career, #CareerExploration, #Dream, #FutureHope, #Occupation, #SelfDevelopment, #Success

Message from 100 gurus around the world to the children of today that are facing the huge change brought on by the fourth industrial revolution.
100 global leaders who are currently leading the world were interviewed and their habits for success were categorized into 10 seeds of success in this book. It is a must read for the children who will go through the age of the fourth industrial revolution.


Jerome Glenn, a global futurologist that appear in this book, predicts that children who read this book will live to be 100 and work at least until they are 80. Also, it is expected that human work will be drastically changed in the next 10 years. Many professional occupations such as doctor, lawyer, or accountants that were long thought to be great job will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence. Children who understands what they enjoy will have the brightest future.

Old things are disappearing fast and new things are vague, what should we tell our children to focus on? How can they find what they enjoy, and what should they do to be successful in that?

This book includes voices from 100 successful world leaders including Nobel prize winner, volleyball player, chef, and comedian. Each and every interview was translated and then edited to be suitable for elementary school students along with illustrations and pictures to help in delivering the message. The book is structured to allow readers to find the potential in a child and how to develop and apply such potential. The ten seeds of success sowed in our children’s soils will grow to be a big tree in 10-20 years.

About the Author - Planning & Interview : Heo, Byeongmin / Author : Han, Seonjeong / Illustrator : Yoo, Namyeong

Han, Seonjeong
With a degree in education from Yonsei University, she currently works as a writer for TV programs that deal with current affairs and culture. She received MBC Broadcasting Award for Best Writer in 2006. TV programs she participated in received grand prize at Banff World Media Festival and gold prize in documentary at Houston International Film Festival.

She is happy to have had several opportunities to develop new TV programs, see the world in a different point of view, and have access to private interviews with leaders such as presidents. She is the author of 100 Professionals to Meet at Age 10, Age 14: Catch Your Tomorrow, and Age 14: Catch Your Dream.

Planning & Interview Heo, Byeongmin
CEO of Talent Lab and knowledge engineer. After graduating from Yonsei University law school, started his career as producer at production department of Cheil Worldwide. He went on to work at Doosan Donga, Otis Elevator, and LG Household & Health Care. He currently works as a content curator with collaboration from scholars and leaders around the world.


· 100 global leaders who are currently changing the world were interviewed.
· Suitable for elementary school children along with illustrations and pictures.
· Habits of success learned from 100 global leaders are categorized into 10 seeds of success.
· Guide on how to plant the 10 seeds of success.
· Aptitude test was developed and included to help readers identify a child’s potential.
· Readers can find out what kind of work would best utilize a child’s talent

Table of Contents

Message from 100 Gurus
Survey of 100 World Leaders

First Seed of Success - Find what you like
Volleyball player Yeonkyeong Kim, singer Patricia Kaas, etc.

Second Seed of Success – Believe in yourself
Business professor Lynda Gratton, automobile designer Chris Bangle, etc.

Third Seed of Success – Think differently
Economist Dan Ariely, neurologist Michael Fossel, etc.

Fourth Seed of Success – Try! Try again and harder
Ballerina Sujin Kang, lawyer Susan Cain, etc.

Fifth Seed of Success – Maintain good habits
Designer Stefan Sagmeister, entrepreneur Joi Ito, etc.

Sixth Seed of Success – Try something new
Industrial designer Stefano Giovannoni, photographer Oliviero Toscani, etc.

Seventh Seed of Success – Don’t be afraid of failure
Inventor James Dyson, theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek, etc.

Eighth Seed of Success – Enjoy working together
Futurologist Jerome Glenn, marketing consultant Philip Kotler, etc.

Ninth Seed of Success – Think of other people
Author Daniel Pink, meditator Chade-Meng Tan, etc.

Tenth Seed of Success – Dream of a better world
Zoologist Jane Goodall, bioethicists Peter Singer, ecologist Helena Norberg-Hodge, etc.