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Avoiding Mental Breakdown as a New Mom

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Answers to your questions about pregnancy, birth, and infant care from 100 days before birth to 100 days after birth
Avoiding Mental Breakdown as a New Mom
2018 Sejong Books Selection for Culture Books [Publication Rights : Taiwan Mansion (Traditional Chinese)]
Author Kim, Hyekyoung, Park, Hyeonjoo
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2018/06/27
Price 13,000 Won
Size/Pages W 152mm, H 215mm, Thickness 18mm, 232 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-06-4 13590
Category Infant Care, Pregnancy/Childbirth
Keywords #BabyProducts, #BreastFeeding, #Childbirth, #InfantCare, #PostnatalCare, #Pregnancy, #SleepTraining, #ThirdTrimester

First year as a mom, how to take care of situations during pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care that is cannot be easily found anywhere.
This is a book that provides practical answers to questions to moms that have their first child and unsure what to do. From the third trimester of pregnancy to 100 days after birth is the hardest 200 days of pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care. New moms have many questions that are answered in this book through expert theories and moms who have already experienced it.


2018 Sejong Books Selection for Culture Books. 100 days before and 100 days after birth is the hardest period for moms, and this book provides solutions to situations that arise during that time. There are six chapters in the book: third trimester, buying baby products, taking care of newborn, postnatal care, breast feeding, sleep training. Each chapter includes vital information that you need to know during those periods. Especially, there are first-hand experiences from moms who have already experienced pregnancy and childbirth that can help to answer your questions. Table of contents was created through surveys with real moms, and the book was designed to be easy to on the eyes and light to hold for reading. This book covers pregnant mom products, how to select baby products, great items to have during each period, checkpoints for 100 days after birth, natural childbirth along with illustrations.

About the Author - Kim, Hyekyoung, Park, Hyeonjoo

Kim, Hyekyoung
She studied child welfare at Sookmyung Women’s University and then child psychological therapy at the same university. She worked as a writer for a magazine aimed at toddlers, and as a freelance reporter specializing in education. She is now a mother of two sons who are both in elementary schools and teaches essay classes. She runs reading discussion classes with elementary school students based on a program that she developed.

Park Hyeonjoo
She studied English literature at Sookmyung Women’s University and business at BCIT. Currently, she is CEO of publisher Soulhouse with a mission to create books that help readers to be a happy person that knows what they like. Her previous works include 3545 Pregnancy and Childbirth, Sewing for Prenatal Education, and Calendar Baby Food 201.

Reviewer : Hwang, Incheol
He graduated from Soonchunhyang University medical school and worked as an ob/gyn professor at Soonchunhyang University hospital at Gumi. He is currently chief of ob/gyn department at Seoul Medical Center. He also holds position as director at Soonchunhyang University hospital’s sunlight children program, secretary general at Korean Association for Women’s Sexual Health, and director of international cooperation at Korean Society for Public Health and Medicine.


· This book is focused on the hardest period which is 100 days before and 100 days after birth. It includes answers to questions that moms have during this period.
· Table of contents was created through survey of moms who have gone through this and tips from their experiences are included.
· The book was reviewed by several pregnant moms and ob/gyn doctors.
· The book is small in size and light paper was used so that pregnant moms can easily hold the book for reading.
· There are over 200 illustrations to make it easier to consume the information.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. It’s hard to breathe! How to avoid mental breakdown in the third trimester
What if I get pregnant again? / Checkpoint for third trimester / Preparing the bag for childbirth / How to select products for mom / Body changes in the third trimester / 5 great items to have in the third trimester
Q1 Is there a way to prevent abdominal stria?
Q2 I’m worried that I’m getting too fat, is it ok to continue eating like this? Etc.
Natural birth at a glance

Chapter 2. What should I buy? How to avoid mental breakdown when buying baby products
What if I buy baby products again? / How to select baby carriage / How to select car seat / How to select baby carrier / 5 great items for newborn care
Q1 How long do I use the bouncer for? Do I need it?
Q2 Functional baby blanker, does it have any effect? Etc.

Chapter 3. My body is not my body! How to avoid mental breakdown during postnatal care
What if I do postnatal care again? / 100 days after birth checkpoint / Body changes after birth / 5 great items for postnatal care
Q1 Afterpains hurt so much, is there anything I can do?
Q2 How long does postpartum vaginal discharge last? Etc.

Chapter 4. First time for mom and baby! How to avoid mental break down during newborn care
What if I go back to taking care of newborn? / 100 days of newborn care checkpoint / Appearance of a newborn / Development of a newborn / How to bathe a newborn / How to swaddle a baby / How to massage a baby / How to change a diaper / How to receive support from government / 5 great gift items for childbirth / 10 great items for newborn care / must-have app for new moms
Q1 My baby cries when I try to give him/her a bath, how can I do that?
Q2 My baby’s belly button is bulging out, is it ok? Etc.

Chapter 5. Is breast feeding supposed to be this hard? How to avoid mental breakdown when breast feeding
What if I breast feed again? / How to breast feed well / Pros and cons of breast feeding and powdered formula / How to feed formula well / 5 great items for breast feeding / 5 great items for formula feeding
Q1 I’m trying to breast feed for the first time, but milk is not coming out well. What should I do?
Q2 Whenever it’s time to breast feed, the baby is sleeping. What should I do? Etc.

Chapter 6. Let me sleep! How to avoid mental breakdown during sleep training
What if I do sleep training again? / Success tips for sleep training / Preparing for sleep training / Effective sleep training methods / Characteristics of sleeping for baby / 5 great items for sleep training
Q1 I’m going crazy because I can’t sleep. When will I be able to sleep well again?
Q2 Sleep training, do I really have to leave the crying baby alone when I do it? Etc.