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Child Focused Creative Play

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Child education
Mom focused NO! 100% children read games to play 160
Child Focused Creative Play
2020 Sejong Books Selection for Culture Books [Publication Rights: GOTOP INFORMATION (Traditional Chinese)]
Author Choi, Yeonju, Chung, Deokyoung
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2019/07/15
Price 15,000 Won
Size/Pages W 188mm, H 245mm, Thickness 11mm, 216 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-17-0 13590
Category Child Education / Infant Care
Keywords #ArtsPlay, #CreativePlay, #CreativeThinking, #Idea, #PlayingWithChildren

“Play with me! I’m bored! Show me YouTube!” Don’t be afraid of these requests from children anymore.
The best present for bored children is here: Child Focused Creative Play


Children focused game playbook that minimizes intervention from mom!
Moms only need to prepare the materials. You don’t even need any crafting skills.
Open up the book and it’s fun and creative play time for children.


Mom’s art school where mom does most of the work is NO! Child making and parents playing together is OK!
When the game play is children focused, even art games become different.
Children can open up Child Focused Creative Play to enjoy and get immersed in the games themselves. As they enjoy the games, physical development, cognitive development, social development, emotional development and creative development comes along automatically.
There are 100 main games to play over 11 categories including toys, imagination, body, creative (arts and crafts), cooking, senses (hearing and touching), cognition, research, and natural objects. Additionally, there are 60 more extended games to make the total 160 games included in this book. These are games not only for children ages 3 to 7, but also their older siblings would enjoy. If you really care about your children, game play should be led by children, not moms. Open up the book and try out the games that the children find most interest in. You can experience first-hand the amazing creative effect of immersive game play.

About the Author - Choi, Yeonju, Chung, Deokyoung

Mom and dad of Jiyoo who majored in design in college because they both loved drawing. They moved to Sungmisan and live with a nickname of “Dorothy” and “Dream Mold”. They are always looking for fun games to play with friends in the town and wrote a book about it. That book Children Focused Creative Play became the 2020 Sejong Books Selection for Culture Books. They are constantly looking for fun and exciting things to do with Jiyoo and Jiyoo’s friends in the town. Pitapat.


· 160 game play ideas in 11 categories including toys, imagination, body, creative, cooking, senses, cognition, research, and natural objects
· No crafting skills required. Full of ideas to create using materials that can be found easily
· Children can play themselves without too much help from parents
· Great guidebook for moms who can’t play with their children because they don’t know how to

Table of Contents

Recommendation Creative effect of immersive game play
How to use this book & materials used

Toy games
Straw on the tongue, Squirming monster, etc.

Imagination games
Grrrr! Dinosaur, hungry larva, etc.

Creative games – Drawing
Post-it pixel art, Paper ribbon Halloween, etc.

Creative games – Crafts
My own crayons, Tick-tock wristwatch, etc.

Cooking games
Spaghetti monster, Halloween cookies, etc.

Sense games – Hearing
Straw flute, Can drums, etc.

Sense games – Touching
Environment friendly clay, Mystery box, etc.

Cognition games
123 number pizza, Rolling number maze, etc.

Research games
Hat fishing, Floating jellyfish, etc.

Natural object games
Delicious clay pizza, Pebble maze, etc.

160 games to play in 11 categories