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Childcare Worries? Temperament Childcare is the Answer!

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How well do you know your child?
Childcare Worries? Temperament Childcare is the Answer!
Author Choi, Eunjeong
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2019/01/22
Price 22,000 Won
Size/Pages W 152mm, H 218mm, Thickness 24.5mm, 440 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-14-9 03370
Category Child Education / Child Psychology
Keywords #Childcare, #ChildPsychology, #Daycare, #GoodParent, #Kindergarten, #PsychologicalConsultatin, #Temperament

Report on temperament childcare based on analysis of over 1,000 parents and children.
You must understand the child’s temperament to overcome the hardship of childcare and develop the child’s innate potential.


“That’s his innate temperament.” We often say something like this when we talk of our child. However, even parents don’t really understand the child’s temperament. Even the teachers who teach the children, and psychologist who treat children’s minds believe that temperament is what each child is born with and says that it is very important, but do not have a clear understanding about it. This gap is caused because there are not many research materials on this topic.

Discussion of temperaments dates all the way back to ancient Greece and continues to this day in modern personality psychology, but there is no known study where infants’ temperaments were categorized in detail. It is very difficult to conceptualize individual variation and uniqueness of the temperaments. Therefore, this book can be a refreshing oasis for parents and educators who wanted to understand more about children’s temperaments.

Childcare Worries? Temperament Childcare is the Answer! is a complete guidebook that allows parents, educators and professionals to diagnose, analyze and coach on temperaments. The book first defines the nine elements that make up a temperament. Based on many therapeutic and educational clinical data, temperaments are categorized with case studies and examples. SCTA temperament diagnosis test which was developed at the author’s research institute is included for the readers to accurately diagnose their children’s temperament. How to analyze the diagnose results and the most effective childcare technique for each temperament type is also covered. If you have ever worried about your child’s temperament, and how to appropriately care for the child, you should be able to create a new childcare paradigm through this book.

About the Author - Choi, Eunjeong

Child psychotherapy expert. She received a master's degree in infant education at Sookmyung Women’s University, and currently working towards Ph.D. in educational psychology at Seoul Women’s University. She is the head of WithYou Therapeutic Education Research Lab and adjunct professor at Yeonsung University’s social welfare department’s childcare and welfare. Her work is focused on child psychotherapy and educating teachers at institutions and schools.

Over the past 15 years, she has met with over 1,000 parents and children at community welfare centers, alternative schools, family counseling centers, and nurseries. She believes that hardship of childcare can be overcome through understanding the child’s temperament. Therefore, she actively promotes the understanding and approach of temperaments to parents and educators.

She believes that loving people is therapy and education and wants to be a companion in restoring that love.


· Childcare report based on results of analysis of over 1,000 children and parents
· Detailed description of nine elements of temperament and sixteen types of temperament
· Accurately diagnose a child’s temperament using SCTA temperament diagnostic tool
· Childcare coaching according to sixteen types of temperament
· Additional advice for specific temperament types that need special care
· Diagnostic tool for parent’s childcare style and childcare coaching based on style
· How to develop the temperament and handle problematic behavior

Table of Contents

Recommendation How to make your love felt by your child
Introduction Temperament childcare that keeps strengths and compliments weaknesses

PART 1. What is temperament childcare?
1. Why do we need to know the temperament?
2. Best way to understand a child: Temperament diagnosis
3. Knowing the temperament can strengthen child’s pros
4. Desire that colors the temperament
5. Nine elements of temperament

PART 2. The true form of child discovered through temperament
1. Four types of temperament based on combination of elements
2. Graph of sixteen types of temperament
3. Four stages of desire found during infancy
Biological/Security/Love and belonging/Self-esteem

TEST. Diagnose the child’s temperament type

PART 3. Childcare coaching based on the sixteen types of temperament
1. Highly active and adaptable
2. Inactive and adaptable
3. Highly sociable and adaptable
4. Not very sociable and adaptable Etc.

Temperament types to watch out for
1. What if adaptable child is not very attentive?
2. What if inhibitive child is overly sensible?
3. What if sustainable child is not very attentive?
4. What if sensible child is overly sensible?

PART 4. Harmony of parent’s childcare style and child’s temperament
1. Diagnose parent’s childcare style
TEST. Diagnostic for parent’s childcare style
2. Meeting of parent’s childcare style & child’s temperament type

PART 5. How to develop the temperament and overcome problems
1. How to develop the temperament
2. Understanding problematic behavior
3. How to overcome problematic behavior according to temperament type