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Children Believes and Hears

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Child education
How to raise your child to be the main character in the drama of life
Children Believes and Hears
Author Heo, Seonhwa
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2017/01/23
Price 12,500 Won
Size/Pages W 148mm, H 200mm, 220 pages
IBSN 979-11-959166-2-7 03590
Category Child Education
Keywords #Belief, #WordUsage

Child that knows what they like vs. child that does what the parents say
What kind of child do you want your child to be?
Believe in your child and say your words wisely! Parents’ words and beliefs change the future of the child.


Futurologist predict that the world has already entered into the age of low growth. The competition for success will be even more fierce. Futurologist Thomas Frey predicted that half of the world’s university will close within the next 20 years. Peter Drucker, the founder of modern business administration, warned that universities will be a thing of the past by 2020. It is at times like this, we need to raise our children to be able to create their own paths rather than following the meaningless paths that everyone else is taking. We need to allow the children to think about and find out what they want to do in life.

This book coaches moms on the words to say to their children as well as teach how to communicate mindfully with their children. It also suggests various family activities around the house to raise the children to be a main character in the drama of life.

About the Author - Heo, Seonhwa

Heo, Seonhwa majored in English literature in university, and TESOL in graduate studies. She mostly taught English at companies, and at a high school. She developed interest in educational programs and curriculum development while teaching at a high school. She developed English coaching program for children, youth, and university students. She also developed an English camp for youths.

Her curiosity developed into professional coaching, so she got certified as a professional coach from coach association of Korea. She developed unique personality development program including reading coaching, group coaching, music coaching, and English speaking.

She currently teaches as an adjunct professor Hanseo University Aeronautics department. She is a mother of the world’s happiest son. She feels empowered by her son who got into Sejong Academy of Science and Arts and always striving to achieve his dream without limits.


Table of Contents

Part 1. Child grows up seeing mom’s behavior
Chapter 1. Child exists just as mom sees
1 | Mom needs to be a good mirror
2 | Mom should draw a good picture of the child
3 | Find the potential of the child in everyday life
Activity 01. Family activity to build confidence

Chapter 2. Child exists just as mom calls
1 | Child grows up to be what s/he is called
2 | Positive naming vs. negative naming. What is your choice?
3 | Create a nickname that fits the child
4 | nickname that compliments enhance the child’s potential
Activity 02. Family activity to build positive identity

Chapter 3. Child exists just as mom says
1 | Wrong words by parents can be a prison for children
2 | Wrong compliments can be a poison for children
3 | Mom should learn how to talk first
4 | Acknowledge the mom’s mistakes and sincerely apologize
5 | Congratulate the child’s failures or mistakes
Activity 03. Positive phrase training to build confidence

Part 2. Child grows up according to mom’s mindfulness
Chapter 4. Mom needs to have a healthy mind for the child to be mindful
1 | Good moms must be psychologically healthy
2 | Express your emotions to be understood and forgotten
Activity 04. Family activity to build mindfulness

Chapter 5. Child grows as mom recognizes
1 | There is nothing wrong with being different to his/her parents
2 | Child who has internal desires fulfilled becomes the main character
3 | Believe in the child and wait
4 | Mom has to be dignified for the child to be mindful
Activity 05. Activity to build positive case interpretation skills

Chapter 6. Child grows as mom endeavors
1 | The biggest present a parent can give to a child is happy family memory
2 | Find various topics to communicate with the child
3 | Teach with books that deliver messages that you want to share
4 | Believe in the words and practice
5 | Make a tradition to say good words
Activity 06. Family Play Day together with all of the family

Chapter 7. Child’s dreams grow as mom believes
1 | Do I make my child dream?
2 | Child must create his/her own dream to be successful
3 | Fun, not fear, should be used to motivate
4 | Only children with dreams can live the life they want
5 | Help the children to find their dreams through various experiences
6 | Help the children to find what they want before it is too late
Activity 07. Family activity to bring the family closer to the child’s dream

Part 3. Parent and child must both be the main characters
Chapter 8. Make the child the main character in his/her life
1 | Live as a larva or become a butterfly?
2 | You need power of thought to be the main character
Activity 08. Write a declaration of vision

Chapter 9. Teach the value of togetherness
1 | Teach the value of togetherness
2 | Make a good group for the child
3 | Teach how to make good relationship with friends
Activity 09. Creating an award certificate

Chapter 10. Parent must also be the main character
1 | There is no better education than what the parent can show to the child
2 | Parent must be the main character
3 | Children are much stronger than you think
Activity 10. Roleplay future interviews