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Convenient Soda

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Soulhouse Easy Living Mook I – Getting Familiar with Natural Detergent
Convenient Soda
Author Soulhouse
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2016/11/14
Price 7,000 Won
Size/Pages W 185mm, H 255mm, 76 pages
IBSN 979-11-959166-0-3 13590
Category Living
Keywords #BakingSoda, #CitricAcid, #EnvironmentFriendly, #SodiumPercarbonate

This book covers how to use baking soda, citric acid, and sodium percarbonate instead of various chemical detergent that we use around the house.
Characteristics and effect of natural detergents are covered at the beginning of the book to give you a better understanding before using them. Then, where and how to use by category such as bathroom, cleaning, kitchen, laundry, and kid’s room are listed.
The best thing is that the measurement and usage is simplified so that it can be easily followed. Everything in this book has been tested by Soulhouse editors. Let’s start using natural detergents in our lives.

About the Author - Soulhouse

One of the hottest publisher for the past 20 years, Soulhouse editor developed Easy Living Mook while they try to find a convenient way of living as a working mom. Since she is a mother of a young daughter, she became naturally interested in environment, ecology, communication and game playing. Additional interests including sewing, cooking, woodworking, and living which lead to the creation of living mook. Soulhouse wants to share how to communicate and share with neighbors, finding happiness in life, and making the future bright for our children.


Low price, nicely organized and useful information
Soulhouse Easy Living Mook is a low price mook that includes useful information. It has practical information for moms.

These are not information without source
Expert editors who worked on various topics including coking, sewing, prenatal education, diet, and exercises met with natural detergent manufacturer soda school to get consultation and tried out these tips in real life before putting them in the mook.

Complex measuring and usage are a NO. It’s all about easy living
The mook is divided into bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and kid’s room to show you how to measure and use detergents in a simple way. It soon become natural to use baking soda, citric acid, and sodium percarbonate.

Design that makes you want to keep reading
If a food looks good, it usually tastes better. The mook looks beautiful in design, so you want to keep reading Convenient Soda.

Table of Contents

Prologue Convenient soda. Time to become friends with baking soda.

Kind Detergent Story
08 Let’s become friends with baking soda
10 These are the effects of baking soda!
12 Let’s become friends with citric acid, best friend of baking soda
14 These are the effects of citric acid
16 Let’s add sterilization, disinfection, and bleaching effect with sodium percarbonate
18 Let’s increase cleansing effect with natural soap
20 Let’s use together with essential oil
22 Convenient uses of natural detergents
25 Tools that go well together
26 Natural detergent Q&A

Every day, clean bathroom
30 Cleaning the sink and tub. Washing the faucet and mirror
32 Cleaning the toilet and around the toilet
33 Cleaning the floor and wall tiles
34 Washing the cabinets and showers
35 Sterilize, deodorize, and dehumidify

Every day, convenient cleaning
38 Cleaning closet, cabinet and shoe rack
39 Cleaning front door and floor
40 Cleaning mosquito net, window and windowsill
42 Cleaning mattresses
43 Cleaning matt, carpet and fabric sofa
44 Taking care of home appliances

Every day, convenient kitchen
48 Washing frying pan and pots
50 Washing dishes
51 Disinfecting dishcloth, sponge and kitchen tools
52 Cleaning gas range oven, induction, and hood
54 Cleaning filter, sink, and drain
55 Cleaning knife and cutting board
56 Cleaning kitchen appliances and kitchenware
58 Cleaning pressure cooker and microwave oven
59 Cleaning refrigerators
60 Getting rid of smell from container and trash
61 Washing fruits and vegetables

Every day, convenient laundry
64 Cleaning laundry machines
66 Laundry – Dress shirts/Stain/Old stain/Swimsuit/
White clothes/Cloth diaper/Milk/Urine laundry

Every day, convenient kid’s room
71 Cleaning kid’s things
72 Cleaning and disinfecting toys