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Five Codes of Future Education

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Child education
Educational changes that all parents who are worried about their children’s future should know
Five Codes of Future Education
2017 Sejong Books Selection for Culture Books
Author Kim, Jiyoung
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2017/01/01
Price 14,000 Won
Size/Pages W 152mm, H 215mm, 252 pages
IBSN 979-11-959166-1-0 03590
Category Child Education
Keywords #ChildEducation, #Education, #FutureEducation

Diagnostic of future education by education innovation expert Dr. Kim, Jiyoung!
“Don’t hold on to the disappearing trend. Learn the upcoming changes to future education!”


Power of self, human, creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.
If you are worried about the future that your child will be facing in 10 years, you must learn about the future education code now!


Do you follow the trend as it changes, or do you go in the reverse direction? Aren’t you holding on to things that will disappear soon? If you want your child to grow up to be an outstanding individual, you need to look further at 10 years from now rather than just 1 year from now.

Until now, many children studied hard with the goal of going to the university. When they reach the goal of going to the university, it should be the beginning of their life as an adult, but they stop trying. They have achieved the goal and ran out of steam.

Children who have never asked why and never said no are unable to challenge themselves. They have no problem to follow the already paved path, but do not have the courage and freedom to create their own paths.

Times are always changing, but self should not be swayed. The child has to be rooted in place at the face of changes and have a firm compass to direct oneself.

In order for this to happen, parents need to know first what changes are coming to future education. Power of self that is needed for growth. Power of human that is needed to face machines. Power of creativity that can create new value. Power of collaboration to work together in a smart way. Power of lifelong learning that can sustain us. These five powers are the core codes of future education. Education innovation expert Dr. Kim, Jiyoung suggests a clear direction for the future of education as well as how to teach the children to develop these powers.

About the Author - Kim, Jiyoung

She received master’s degree in educational psychology at Seoul National University and Ph.D. in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She worked as an educator at Education Innovation Center at University of Illinois, and then as a research professor at Korea University Education Administration to gather expertise in education innovation. She performed studies on middle school curriculum while working as a researcher at Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation. She continued to work in the education innovation field as professor in education department at Baird University College at Soongsil University. She is currently chief of TLP Education Design working to design creative and futuristic education.


A look at future of education by education innovation expert
The book includes insight on future education by education innovation expert who researched innovation in education at research institutes in US and Korea. She has thought a lot about the future of education as a researcher, professor, coach, and facilitator.

Defining the core codes of future education
Based on research and various experiences in education, five codes of education are defined as self, human, creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

Proposal of educational methods as a pedagogist as well as a parent
The author of the book is a university professor as well as a mother of a child, so she does not just diagnose the problems of current educational system. She proposes various educational methods for infants as well as children who have already grown up to be an adult.

Table of Contents

Prologue _ Am I raising my child according to the flow?

Part 1. Changing education between past and future
Chapter 1. Parents who are holding on to the past
1. Parents who only trust what they see
2. University=Success rule is no longer true
3. Definition of talented individual is changing
4. Ecology of careers is changing

Chapter 2. Children who are good at short-term goals
1. Children who quit at the starting line
2. Children who do not know self
3. Children who are raised like a lamb
4. Children who can’t share and communicate
5. Slow and steady wins the race

Part 2. Children of future with five codes of future education
Chapter 3. Power of self: Develop the power for growth
1. I need to be firm
2. Power of self brings happiness and success
3. Do not copy. Be original
4. Throw a stone into the pond of self
5. Parents should first develop power of self

Chapter 4. Power of human: Develop power to fight against machine
1. Age of AI, power of human is important
2. Develop sensibility through emotions and games
3. Learn to sympathize
4. Develop power of thinking by questioning

Chapter 5. Power of creativity: Develop thinking habits to create new value
1. Future society wants creative individuals
2. Develop thinking in design
3. Habits of creative child

Chapter 6. Power of collaboration: Develop capacity to make differences into helpfulness
1. You can’t succeed by yourself anymore
2. Think of differences as helpful
3. Learn to resolve conflicts
4. Be a facilitator

Chapter 7. Power of lifelong learning: Make it possible to keep learning
1. Need to keep learning
2. Not studying. Learning
3. Develop learning through curiosity and immersion
4. Make friends with books

Part 3. Parents who raise children of future
Chapter 8. Develop power of parents for the future of children
1. Being a parent is minefield of vulnerabilities
2. Be a guiding light
3. Not perfection. Growth
4. Raising a child is not a sprint, but a marathon