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Healthy Everyday Meals for Children

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Three meals a day, delicious and nutritious food for children
Healthy Everyday Meals for Children
Author Yorihera Kim, Boeun, Nutritionist Ahn, Sohyeon
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2017/07/25
Price 15,000 Won
Size/Pages W 185mm, H 255mm, 264 pages
IBSN 979-11-959166-7-2 13590
Category Cooking
Keywords #ChildrensMeals, #Cooking, #Menu, #Nutrition

Delicious and nutritious meals for three meals a day. Cookbook that makes mom and children happy.
When you are preparing food for children, you have to think about the taste as well as nutrition. This book includes 125 recipes for delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are full of nutrition that is perfect for children that are growing up.


Are you always wondering what meals to prepare for your child? How about checking out Healthy Everyday Meals for Children? This cookbook for children was put together by editor, cooking expert, and nutritionist that have young children to make sure that the recipes included are delicious, but not too high in calorie or lacking in nutrition. Children love it because they are delicious. Moms love it because they are nutritious.

There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that meet the recommended calorie intake for children of ages 3 and older.

Breakfast and lunch include meals that can be eaten quickly and easily by children. Breakfast has enough carbohydrates to help with starting up the brain for the day. Lunch includes high protein, high calorie foods to provide enough energy for the afternoon. Dinner, which is a meal together with all of the family, has rice, soup, and side dishes. Various ingredients including vegetables, meats, and fish are used in meals. Every meal is planned out while considering the ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fats to make sure children can consume enough nutrient they need.

The cookbook includes sections on making rice with various grains, making rice in a pot, and making kimchi for children. There are 125 recipes included in this cookbook so that children will not get tired of eating the same meal every day. Each recipe was reviewed meticulously so if you cook as described in the book, we are sure the children will love it. Stop worrying about children’s meals!

About the Author - Yorihera Kim, Boeun, Nutritionist Ahn, Sohyeon

Yorihera Kim, Boeun
Cookbook author and food stylist that is loved for her snappy recipes. She included all of her secrets to cooking for children that she learned while raising her two sons. They are delicious recipes for children but reviewed by nutritionists to make sure they are not too high in calorie or lacking in nutrition.

She earned her master’s degree in traditional culinary culture at Sookmyung University. After graduating, she worked as a freelance cook, food stylist and food columnist. Her other works include Lazy Cooking, Side Dishes that Koreans Love, Meals for Guests that Koreans Love, and Making Soup for 1 Dollar.

Nutritionist Ahn, Sohyeon
She majored in food and nutrition and worked at a hospital as a nutritionist. She has taught at Korea National Open University and Catholic University. Currently, she lectures at Shingu College. She participated in research on nutritional value of different parts of Korean beef, health center’s research project on low sodium diet, and published various research papers on chronic disease of elders, nutritional education programs, and developing tools for evaluation. She is a loving mother of three children and reviewed all recipes included in this book for calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat and nutritional value.


1. Breakfast is convenient gimbap, rice ball, bread, sandwich, or porridge. Lunch is a bowl of rice. Dinner is rice, soup, and side dishes.
2. Calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat content was calculated.
3. Making delicious rice. Making kimchi for children.
4. Meticulous review of each recipe.
5. Questions about nutrition intake are answered.

Table of Contents

How to make delicious and nutritious meal for children
How much should our child eat per day?
Questions about nutrients
Accurate measurement makes delicious meals
Seasoning that decides food’s taste
Making meat broth that makes meals delicious
How to prepare basic food ingredients
How to make delicious rice
How to cook rice in a pot
How to make kimchi for children

Daily meal that starts with convenient rice ball and gimbap 5
Breakfast | Baby anchovy egg rice ball
Lunch | Chicken doria
Dinner | Hizikia rice, Spinach soybean soup, Smoked duck and sauteed broccoli, Shredded white radish

Daily meal that starts with delicious bread and sandwich 5
Breakfast | Morning roll sandwich & Topping yogurt
Lunch | Hamburg steak
Dinner | Rice with grains, Squid stew, Steamed eggs, Potato pancakes

Daily meal that starts with fulfilling breakfast 5
Breakfast | Beef rice cake soup
Lunch | Shrimp and green onion fried rice
Dinner | Bean sprout rice, Beef radish soup, Stir-fried spicy pork, corn salad

Daily meal that starts with porridge for easy digestion 3
Breakfast | Sticky rice porridge
Lunch | Bowl of rice capped with chili shrimp
Dinner | Sorghum rice, Laver egg soup, Grilled seasoned mackerel, apple sauce salad

Fun snack time
Fruit bruschetta, Tortilla pizza, Cheese canape, etc.