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Joy of Expressive Life

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Meeting of minimal life and maximal life
Joy of Expressive Life
Author Park, Yoonah
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2017/11/01
Price 14,000 Won
Size/Pages W 148mm, H 200mm, Thickness 14mm, 220 pages
IBSN 979-11-959166-9-6 13590
Category Living, Interior
Keywords #DIY, #GreenInterior, #HomeInterior, #HouseDecorating, #Interior, #Living, #Maximal, #Minimal, #SimpleLife

Simple life know-how to make your home to your taste
Seeing differently when viewing the same thing and space / Imagine changes in various places at home / Add green plants to bring life into your space / Find new uses for old things / Make your house look like a model house with some dollar store items / Empty your home to reveal your taste


Should you empty out your house according to the minimal life trend to find comfort and leisure? In that case, your home may no longer be a place of rest, but just a continuation of dry and boring life. Joy of Expressive Life shows you how to take care of your home using old items and nature rather than just emptying out. We recommend this book to those who want a simple but tasteful home, those who enjoy green interior, those who wanted to be a minimalist but found out that minimalism wasn’t right for them, and those who want to give a warm feeling to children’s room.

About the Author - Park, Yoonah

In mid 1990s, when international travel and fashion magazines were not very common, Park, Yoonah found interest in other cultures while reading foreign magazines at a used bookstore. She spent about 15 years in Australia, US, and Japan as a student, resident, and traveler. During that time, she learned and recorded each country’s language, culture, and wisdom. With this, she teaches English at university and companies, develops children’s English study material, and translates the bible.

As a working mom who is always running out of time, she works as a passionate creative director to share ideas on how to simply and beautifully display materials based on nature.

Blog :


· Seeing differently – 8 ways to see and express the same thing and same place differently
· Green Interior – How to take care of various plants and using them as interior materials
· Apartment Interior – How to decorate each space including living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and kid’s room in your apartment
· Kitchen – Creative ideas to store kitchen items, and how to make your life easier in the kitchen
· Recipe – Some recipes for your children
· Beauty & Fashion – Beauty and fashion know-how for 30s and 40s
· Kid’s Room Interior – Making your kid’s room feel warm with bamboo blind, artificial flowers, and Korean traditional paper
· Making DIY props – How to make 10 different props using materials such as mobile with twigs, straw hat, brooch, wreath, wall decoration, and headboard

Table of Contents

Prologue My house is always changing just like me

Chapter 1. Seeing differently
Method.01 | Seeing up
Method.02 | Seeing down
Method.03 | Seeing together
Method.04 | Try putting it in
Method.05 | Try attaching it
Method.06 | Try changing it
Method.07 | Connecting
Method.08 | Revealing
Easy start

Chapter 2. To me, home is
In the Living Room
Empty ceiling is the best canvas

Rest in the Bedroom
Things that go in the place for rest

Refreshing Bathroom
Bathroom that expresses vitality

Chapter 3. To me, nature is
Green Interior
Joy of looking after

Nature in the Balcony
Frame to hold nature

Nature in the City
Excursion in the city

Chapter 4. Center of living
In the Kitchen
Dining table with fresh plants

My Recipe
Joy of cooking for children

Chapter 5. My life
My Life Is
Understand my body

Chapter 6. Children’s space
Kid’s Room

MAKE # 01 Making a ceiling mobile with twigs
MAKE # 02 Making a mobile with pinecones, etc.