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Knowledge Textbook for Adults I

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humanistic self-development
Clear answer to knowledge that you are afraid someone might ask you about
Knowledge Textbook for Adults I _ Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Korean
Author Planner : Park, Hyeonjoo / Author : Kim, Jeongwha, Kim, Hyekyoung
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2019/12/15
Price 15,000원
Size/Pages W 135mm, H 202mm, Thickness 18mm, 320 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-19-4 04080
Category Liberal Arts
Keywords #AdultTextbook, #CommonSense, #Korean, #LiberalArts, #Mathematics, #Science, #SocialStudies, #Subject, #Textbook

What is the second largest country in the world?
What age did humans fight against dinosaurs?
In what order should we calculate 37+{16÷(9-5)×7-12}÷8?
Use this textbook for adults to remind ourselves about social studies, science, mathematics, and Korean!


I learned everything I need to know already in school! Wouldn’t it be great if I could remember even a tenth of what I learned? What is value of π(pi), what is second largest country in the world, how do I solve a quadratic equation… It would be great if you already know the answer to this question, but if you forgot it all, but can’t go back to school textbooks, this book is for you. Knowledge Textbook for Adults discusses in a fun way the basic knowledge that all adults should know and have learned in school. Unlike other common-sense books, this is a fun and easy adult textbook to fill your knowledge storage. You don’t have to be afraid of questions from kids or talking with your friends anymore.

About the Author - Planner : Park, Hyeonjoo / Author : Kim, Jeongwha, Kim, Hyekyoung

Planner Park Hyeonjoo
She studied English literature at Sookmyung Women’s University and business at BCIT. Currently, she is CEO of publisher Soulhouse with a mission to create books that help readers to be a happy person that knows what they like.

Author Kim, Jeongwha
She studied Korean literature at Ewha Women’s University and worked as an editor at various publishers creating artbooks and knowledge books mainly for children. She continues to work as an editor and an author that creates books for children and adults.

Author Kim, Hyekyoung
She studied child welfare at Sookmyung Women’s University and then child psychological therapy at the same university. She worked as a writer for a magazine aimed at toddlers, and as a freelance reporter specializing in education. She is now a mother of two sons who are both in elementary schools and teaches essay classes. She runs reading discussion classes with elementary school students based on a program that she developed.


· Based on school curriculum but organized in one page to make it easy to read and understand
If we just organized basic knowledge from textbooks, that would have been just a reference book. We picked out knowledge that students are learning that adults should be reminded of and organize it in a way that is easy to read and remember for a long time.

· A book for Koreans planned and written by Koreans
If you look at the world map, placement of continents change based on the country that made the map. Therefore, even if we are dealing with the same topic, foreign author and Korean author would write things differently. This is because the background knowledge and viewpoints are different. Therefore, we took Korean textbooks and selected the topics that we needed to write this book.

· Knowledge textbook for adults that want to quickly and easily become smarter
Books in liberal arts and philosophy give you satisfaction when you buy them, but rather than reading and acquiring the knowledge within, they often become displays on your bookshelf. This common-sense knowledge filled book gives you helpful knowledge to use in your everyday life.

· Book that is not just great for adults but also great for elementary and middle school students
One book that can teach you common sense knowledge from school curriculum. Lengthy explanations are gone. Only the simple, easy concept remains. This book is like the teacher that tells you only the important bullet points. Just reading through this book once can give you most of the knowledge that you learn over the course of 9 years in school.

Table of Contents

Foreword : What if I still know what I knew before…

Social Studies
What if Earth became 2℃ warmer?
How many countries are in the world now?
Is Taiwan a country or not?
Is Turkey in Asia or Europe?
Why does world map look different?
Is dead sea really dead? Etc.

What is life?
Is coral plant or animal?
What species do humans belong to?
What is the basis that we divide animals by?
Are there more vertebrates or invertebrates?
Why is spider not an insect? Etc.

Why did King Sejong create Hunminjeongeum (Korean script)?
Where did “deep rooted tree” come from?
Why is Hangul considered so great?
Who named Korean language Hangul?
How many letters is Hunminjeongeum made of? Etc.
Easy to make grammar mistakes
Helpful Chinese idioms

Did Arabians make Arabic numbers?
What was the last integer invented?
Duodecimal or decimal system, which was first?
Is 10 included in 10 or over or is it exceeding 10?
Is -3 an integer or rational number?
What is root? Etc.
Famous mathematicians