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Knowledge Textbook for Adults II

humanistic self-development
Clear answer to knowledge that you are afraid someone might ask you about
Knowledge Textbook for Adults II _ World History, Korean History, Arts, Music
Author Planner : Park, Hyeonjoo / Author : Kim, Jeongwha, Kim, Hyekyoung / Illustrator : Na, Sooeun
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2020/03/01
Price 16,500 Won
Size/Pages W 135mm, H 202mm, Thickness 22.5mm, 392 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-20-0 04080
Category Liberal Arts
Keywords #AdultTextbook, #Arts, #CommonSense, #ElementarySchoolTextbook, #History, #KoreanHistory, #LiberalArts, #MiddleSchoolTextbook, #Music, #WorldHistory

Germany, Italy and France used to be one country?
There were people who were born rich and poor in Silla?
Why did ancient Egyptians draw side view of humans?
Why do we call Handel mother of music when he is a man?


Knowledge textbook that gives a glance over world history, Korean history, arts, and music!
We reorganize history and arts common sense knowledge that is all jumbled in your head.


Enjoy history and arts without commentary! The first book in the series dealt with core subjects such as Korean, mathematics, science, and social studies. Knowledge Textbook for Adults II is a small history book that includes world history, Korean history, arts, and music. As you read the book, you will feel the historical knowledge that was jumbled in your head all coming into place. Just like the first book, we selected 300 questions from school curriculum and answered those questions in 1 or 2 pages each. History sections are organized by important incidents by culture. History of arts and music as well as theory and how to enjoy them are covered here. Knowledge Textbook for Adults include basic knowledge that adults should know and describes them in an easy and fun manner. It really makes the value of basic knowledge shine.

About the Author - Planner : Park, Hyeonjoo / Author : Kim, Jeongwha, Kim, Hyekyoung / Illustrator : Na, Sooeun

Planner Park Hyeonjoo
She studied English literature at Sookmyung Women’s University and business at BCIT. Currently, she is CEO of publisher Soulhouse with a mission to create books that help readers to be a happy person that knows what they like.

Author Kim, Jeongwha
She studied Korean literature at Ewha Women’s University and worked as an editor at various publishers creating artbooks and knowledge books mainly for children. She continues to work as an editor and an author that creates books for children and adults.

Author Kim, Hyekyoung
She studied child welfare at Sookmyung Women’s University and then child psychological therapy at the same university. She worked as a writer for a magazine aimed at toddlers, and as a freelance reporter specializing in education. She is now a mother of two sons who are both in elementary schools and teaches essay classes. She runs reading discussion classes with elementary school students based on a program that she developed.


· Based on school curriculum but organized in one page to make it easy to read and understand
If we just organized basic knowledge from textbooks, that would have been just a reference book. We picked out knowledge that students are learning that adults should be reminded of and organize it in a way that is easy to read and remember for a long time.

· World and Korean history, Arts and music at a glance
The flow of history is compiled in one book so that you can understand history as well as arts of that time.

· Knowledge textbook for adults that want to quickly and easily become smarter
Books in liberal arts and philosophy give you satisfaction when you buy them, but rather than reading and acquiring the knowledge within, they often become displays on your bookshelf. This common-sense knowledge filled book gives you helpful knowledge to use in your everyday life.

· Book that is not just great for adults but also great for elementary and middle school students
One book that can teach you common sense knowledge from school curriculum. Lengthy explanations are gone. Only the simple, easy concept remains. This book is like the teacher that tells you only the important bullet points. Just reading through this book once can give you most of the knowledge that you learn over the course of 9 years in school.

Table of Contents

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World History
How do we separate prehistorical and historical age?
How do we divide artifacts by age?
What is the first humankind?
Where did civilization develop?
What is the first human civilization?
Who made pyramids in Egypt and why? Etc.

Korean History
What is the oldest historic site in Korea?
What is the difference between chipped stone implement and normal stone?
Bowl with combed pattern and bowl without pattern, which came first?
Bronze age and iron age, which came first?
Why was our ancestor born from bear? Etc.
Chronology of World/Korean

What is the oldest known cave painting?
Why did ancient Egyptians draw side view of humans?
Why were there many male nude statues in Greece?
How are columns shaped differently in Greek temples?
How were Roman buildings maintained for so long?
Why are church roofs from middle age made sharp? Etc.
Famous western and Korean artists

What was the first human instrument?
What instrument was discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt?
Can we listen to music from Greece period now?
What kind of music were made during the middle ages?
Why do we call Handel mother of music when he is a man? Etc.
Famous musicians