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Mentoring Future Education

Child education
Prepare for the new normal of post COVID-19 education
Mentoring Future Education
Author Kim, Jiyoung
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2020/10/10
Price 15,000 Won
Size/Pages W 152mm, H 224mm, Thickness 15mm, 264 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-36-1
Category Child Education
Keywords #DigitalLiteracy, #DigitalNative, #FutureEducation, #NewNormal, #PostCovid19, #SelfDirectedLearning

Future suddenly came with COVID-19! Prepare for new education!


So far, future of education has been a topic that seemed very distant. However, the onset of COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to quickly set up digital learning environments, and seriously consider blended learning. We can no longer go back to the past, so we need to reevaluate the value of education and schools, throw away the traditional notions, and create the new normal for new education.


In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic hit us, and everything that we thought to be normal such as starting a school semester in March, sending the children off to school, and going to work became impossible. Things that were thought to be abnormal has gradually become the standard, and in all facets of society, new normal has become the norm. This is same in the field of education.

As we are living in the age of fourth industrial revolution, we had to think about what we need for the future society. There were many ideas, but most ideas were not being executed. COVID-19 has allowed us to think more fluidly about methods of education and try various new things. We need to accept the new normal of education and go towards the future.

This book, written by education expert Dr. Kim, Jiyoung, includes what capabilities we need to more urgently consider as our society and education change due to COVID-19. In this time of uncertainty, this book should be a great guiding post for parents, children, and educators.

About the Author - Kim, Jiyoung

Kim, Jiyoung received master’s degree in educational psychology at Seoul National University and Ph.D. in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She worked as an educator at Education Innovation Center at University of Illinois, and then as a research professor at Korea University Education Administration to gather expertise in education innovation. She performed studies on middle school curriculum while working as a researcher at Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation. She continued to work in the education innovation field as professor in education department at Baird University College at Soongsil University. She is currently chief of TLP Education Design working to design creative and futuristic education.


Great guide for parents, children, and educators
The author has used her experience as an education researcher to write a book that allows for everyone to make the new education together. Forget about the past ideas of education and be guided to the changing education that we must adapt to in post COVID-19 age.

Proposes the direction as well as detailed execution plan
Chapters 1 and 2 cover problems in education that was uncovered due to COVID-19. Chapters 3 and 4 talks about power of the mind and collaboration that is very important in the age of post COVID-19. Chapters 5 and 6 discusses how to develop digital literacy skills and self-directed learning capability. Finally, chapter 7 tells us how to self-design for the future.

Chapter 3. Increase in changes and stress → Strengthen your mind
Chapter 4. Increase in interdependency → Learn to live together
Chapter 5. Living in digital environment → Develop digital literacy skills
Chapter 6. Need to self-lead learning → Develop skills to learn by oneself
Chapter 7. No average standard → Design your own life

How to overcome crisis situation from the educational expert’s point of view
Even if it wasn’t for COVID-19, any crisis can happen in the future. Therefore, this book talks about how to analyze crisis situation, and how to overcome such crisis to bring about a breakthrough.

Table of Contents

Prologue. Meeting the new future.

Chapter 1. Education shaken by COVID-19
- Changes to education brought on by sudden onset of COVID-19

Chapter 2. Prepare for the new normal of education
-Contact strengthening in the untact age
-Forget what we know. Learn new things.

Chapter 3. Strengthen your minds
-Develop resilience
-Train in mindfulness

Chapter 4. Learn to live together
-Make many opportunities for positive collaboration
-Cultivate citizenship mind for living together

Chapter 5. Reinforce digital literacy capability
-Understand digital native
-How to promote digital literacy attitude
-How to develop digital education capability

Chapter 6. Learn to educate by oneself
-Parent’s attitude and role in self-directed learning
-Find your child’s motivational power
-Learn to manage one’s own education

Chapter 7. Design your own life
-Self design in the age where there is no average standard
-Find one’s potential and help to develop
-Design your career

Epilogue. Let’s go on the untraveled road together