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Mom’s Easy English

Child education
Three simple patterns to have your child speaking English
Mom’s Easy English
Author Resina (Noh, Shinyoung)
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2020/09/15
Price 13,500 Won
Size/Pages W 180mm, H 245mm, Thickness 13.5mm, 192 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-34-7
Category Child Education/English Education
Keywords #MomsEasyEnglish, #PlayLearnEnglish

Is it mom and child’s first time to learn English? Start with your child speaking!
Systematic approach to learning English based on total physical response (TPR) and communicative language teaching (CLT) allows you to learn English without problems!
We start with simple expressions like yes and no. Then, we learn words through English quizzes. After that, we become more familiar with English through playing fun games. Finally, we learn English based on themes! The book includes 67 video lectures to guide mom’s through learning and teaching English!


Did you see your child’s face when you suddenly decided to teach English and yelled “it’s time to wake up!” in the morning? If you suddenly start to use English to your child, the child might feel distance to the mom and reject learning English.

This book was written to allow the child who is learning English for the first time to become familiar with it. The most important point when starting to learn English is that the child does not feel repulsed by the idea of hearing English. So, in step 1 we learn very basic expressions like yes, no, thank you, and sorry. In step 2, we learn some words used in everyday life through word quiz. In step 3, we play games to start enjoying English before finally starting to really study English. This methodology is based on TPR (Total Physical Response) and CLT (Communicative Language Teaching). We lead the child to speak in situations that occur often to communicative about it. The best roadmap for learning is to listen to English books and children’s songs in Plus and then go through each step slowly, spending at least a month per step. Use this book to slowly teach your child how to speak English.

About the Author - Resina (Noh, Shinyoung)

Former English teacher. Currently works as an interpreter. She double majored in English translation/interpretation and English pedagogy at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She has second level certificate in English teaching and have taught at Seoul National University and Korea University summer & winter schools through Pagoda Language Academy. She went on to earn a master’s degree in translation & interpretation at Ewha Women’s University and became a full-time interpreter.

With experience teaching English to various students and working with English in business as an interpreter, she felt the importance of English and wanted to expose her son Henry to English by sending him to English kindergarten. However, she realized that English kindergarten is not the best answer. The best person to match the child’s disposition and interest would be the child’s mom, so she started to teach English to Henry herself. With the knowledge gained from her trials, she wrote this book to provide a practical guide for moms in similar situation.


· Structured to guide moms who are teaching English for the first time: Step 1 (basic expression), step 2 (English quiz), step 3 (English games), step 4 (everyday English), and Plus (Children’s songs and books)
· Mom’s English guide: Q&A about how to start teaching English, introduction to English children’s books, and how to use video lecture materials
· 67 video lectures: The author created video lectures based on experience from Pagoda Language School, Seoul National University and Korea University. They are accessible through QR code in the book.
· QR code for English children’s songs and books: QR code is provided for each English children’s songs and books mentioned in Plus so that you can listen to native speaker’s pronunciation
· Designed to be accessible to children: English sentences are written in large fonts. Word quiz section has 200 words with illustrations or photos.
· Meticulously reviewed by native speakers.

Table of Contents

Step 1. Basic Expression (13 topics)
1. Simple questions: Do you want a cookie?
2. Asking about desire: What do you want? Etc.

Step 2. Word Quiz (14 topics)
1. Animal
2. Fruit Etc.

Step 3. English Games (13 topics)
1. Let’s play with water colors!
2. Let’s make a clay plate! Etc.

Step 4. Everyday English (30 topics)
1. Greeting: Good morning!
2. Waking up in the morning: Time to wake up! Etc.

Step 5. Children’s Song and Books (10 topics)
1. Row Row Row Your Boat, 《Go, Go, Pirate Boat》
2. Baa Baa Black Sheep, 《Russel the Sheep》 Etc.

- How to Start Mom’s English
- Recommended Children’s Books
- How to use the video lectures