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81 easy, convenient and healthy bottle cooking recipes
Author Oh, Youngjae
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2018/04/23
Price 15,000 Won
Size/Pages W 170mm, H 231mm, Thickness 13mm, 240 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-03-3 13590
Category Cooking, Diet
Keywords #Compote, #DietFood, #Dressing, #HealthyFood, #MasonJar, #Oatmeal, #RawFood, #Salad, #Smoothie, #SmoothieBowl, #SpaWater, #Spread

Bottle cooking for those who are lazy but want to live a healthy life – Try it for one meal a day

New York, the place where you can find all sorts of food trends in one place. The hottest keyword right now is of course healthy eating. You can easily spot foods stored in big and small glass jars in many of New Yorker’s bags that are conscientious of environment and health. There are so many uses of these mason jars. You can store pickle and canned goods; use it as a tumbler for water or smoothies; use it as a lunchbox for salad, rice, or noodles; use it as a shaker for dressing or spreads. Bottle cooking, the art of cooking by adding all the ingredients into a jar. Here are 81 magical recipes.


Hottest healthy food recipes from New York, world’s epicenter of food trends, are listed in this book.
Spa water and smoothie good for detox and diets. Smoothie bowl, oatmeal, and salad that are convenient health foods. Bottle rice and cup noodle that are good for a meal. Spread, pick, and dressing that is good to have together with bread or cookie. Infused oil and vinegar that enhances many foods. Compotes that can be utilized in various desserts. There are 81 recipes from 13 categories in this single book. Have a breakfast, lunch, or dinner with one of the recipes in this book. You can live like a healthy New Yorker who is conscientious of environment.

About the Author - Oh, Youngjae

Oh, Youngjae worked as a food & lifestyle editor at living magazines such as Lemon Tree. He travelled around the country for four years while working on columns that introduced healthy foods. During this time, he thought a lot about the importance of ingredients, sustainable farming, and animal welfare. After working for 10 years, he wanted a year of sabbatical, so he quit the company and left for New York. Since he was interested in plant-based cooking which uses seasonal ingredients and whole foods, he took vegetarian cooking courses at NGI (Natural Gourmet Institute). He went on to work at Michelin 1-star vegetarian restaurant Nix. While he was working as a magazine editor, he co-wrote Dining in Seoul which is a guidebook on eating culture and restaurants in Korea. He also worked on Hyojae’s Household Tools with Lee, Hyojae, who is nicknamed Korea’s Martha Stewart. He is currently working as a freelance writer in New York and living as a lazy flexitarian (vegetarian that occasionally eats meat depending on circumstance) who cooks healthy food with minimal effort.


· Healthy cookbook by food & lifestyle editor and vegetarian expert
· Collaboration with photographer who is currently working in New York
· Various types of healthy recipes are included that is different from juice, smoothie, and salad books available
· Drink recipes that are good for detox such as spa water and smoothie are included
· Recipes that can replace a meal such as oatmeal, smoothie bowl, bottle salad, bottle rice, and cup noodles are included
· Recipes that you store and eat over time such as dressing, spread, pickle and compote are included
· Recipes for infused oil and infused vinegars that add flavor to other foods are included

Table of Contents

The appeal of bottle cooking that is easy, convenient, and healthy
Various uses of various sizes of bottles

CHAPTER 1. Bottle cooking ingredients
Grain, seed, bean / herb / spice / vegetable milk / superfood powder / ingredients that add sweetness

CHAPTER 2. Bottle drinks that lighten your body
Spa Water
Cucumber lime mint water, raspberry basil lemon water, etc.
Power up energy smoothie, veggie smoothie, etc.

CHAPTER 3. Bottle food that can be eaten a meal
Smoothie Bowls
Acai bowl, tropical coconut smoothie bowl, etc.
Over-night Oatmeal
Blueberry oatmeal, banana coconut oatmeal, etc.
Bottle Salads
Cobb salad, humus quinoa green bowl, etc.
Bottle Rice
Tuna poke bowl, avocado pollack rice, etc.
Cup Noodles
Noodle salad, chicken soba mixed noodles, etc.

CHAPTER 4. Stored food kept in a bottle
Bottle Dressings
Ranch dressing, vegan honey mustard, etc.
Spinach pesto, salmon rillettes, etc.
Cauliflower brussels sprout pickle, chili paprika pickle, etc.
Pear honey compote, peach compote, etc.
Infused Oils
Garlic herb oil, basil oil, etc.
Infused Vinegars
Blueberry vinegar, lemon rosemary vinegar, etc.