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Reading Essay Debate

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Child education
Cultivating the power of thinking and communication
Reading Essay Debate
Selected for Published Contents Creation Support Business
Author Chang, Seonae
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2018/10/25
Price 16,000 Won
Size/Pages W 150mm, H 220mm, Thickness 17mm, 296 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-09-5 03370
Category Child Education, General Pedagogy
Keywords #Debate, #Discussion, #Essay, #Reading

Changing future, new paradigm for education – debate!
Cultivate the power of thinking through reading and the power of communication through debate!


According to the Learning Pyramid announced by National Training Laboratories in US, the ratio that remains after 24 hours with various methods of studying is as follows. One directional lecture 5%, reading 10%, audio visual education 20%, demonstration or field trip 30%, debate 50%, experiments and training 75%, teaching someone else 90%. Let’s compare reading 10% and debate 50%. Debate is 5 times more efficient. So, it’s much more efficient to debate than to read. – Kevin Lee, President of Korea Association for Debate Coach


Why is debate becoming so popular recently in Korea? We need to educate in such a way for students to be able to think and communicate about problems without a fixed answer. We are living in the age of fourth industrial revolution where the world is changing every day. The old method of education where we memorized answers is not fit for the times that are constantly changing. Students, not teachers, need to be the focus of education to stimulate creativity and imagination. Discussion is an educational method that is very important for this purpose.

This book focuses on debate which is a discussion with a format. It talks about how to apply debate at schools or private academies in detail. It also talks about questioning while reading, writing essays, teaching reading as a mom, and how to prepare for science, reading, or current affairs debate competitions. Examples of debates, activity sheets, and recommended book lists categorized by age is another great feature of this book.

About the Author - Chang, Seonae

After graduating with a degree in pedagogy at Ewha Women’s University, she went to work as a writer at MBC’s current affairs department, writing for various TV programs. She has worked as a promotional contents author at Seoul new media promotion team, speech secretary for the mayor of Seoul, and director general at Vita Communications, Inc. She wrote for Chosun Ilbo and appeared on Peace Broadcasting radio program. She has lectured at Ewha Women’s University’s communication media department, MBC academy, and Yeongdeungpo Lifelong Learning Center. Her other works include Seoul at a Glance on the City Tour Bus and How the Respected Rich People Educate their Children. Currently, she is teaching reading, essay, a debate to children through the Growing Up as a Leader through E&D course.


· Selected for Published Contents Creation Support Business in 2018
· Detailed explanation of debate classes that can be used in elementary school, middle school, and debate academy
· Suggestions for various reading questions and debate topics
· Various examples of questioning reading, writing essays, and debates
· How to prepare for science, reading, or current affairs debate competitions
· Recommended book list and activity sheet for students aged 10 to 16

Table of Contents

PART 1 Age of Changes, Need for Cultivation of Human Power
01| Power of discussion for cultivating human power
02| Change in education – Discussion in class!
03| Discussion with a format - Debate
04| Fun and enjoyable Public Forum Debate

PART 2 Why Do We Need Discussion
01| Child learns how to be persuasive
02| Develop self-directed learning skills
03| Character growth through discussion

PART 3 Reading, Foundation for Discussion
01| Our child, a reader
02| Age 10 to 16, make time for reading
03| 3 stages of reading education
04| Develop strength for debate through questioning reading
05| Questioning in stages while reading

PART 4 Debate class
01| Prepare for debate class
02| Example of a debate
03| Wrap up is important in a debate

PART 5 Essays that Strengthens Debates
01| Debates and essays should go hand in hand for effectiveness
02| Planning and execution of essays
03| Reading great essays

PART 6 Mom’s Reading Essay Debate – How To
01| Reading debate at home
02| Mom’s reading education that teaches joy of reading
03| Develop communication skills with 1-minute speeches
04| NIE class at home
05| Prepare for debate and essay competition with mom

PART 7 Activity Sheet for Essay Debate Class
01| Activity sheet for ages 10-11
02| Activity sheet for ages 12-13
03| Activity sheet for ages 14-15
04| Activity sheet for ages 15-16

Appendix Recommend book list by professor E&D