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Secrets of Mom’s English for Kids Aged 5-7 with Children’s Books and YouTube

Child education
English education without going to English kindergarten or private academy
Secrets of Mom’s English for Kids Aged 5-7 with Children’s Books and YouTube
Author Yang, Minjeong
Publisher Soulhouse
Publish Date 2018/12/20
Price 16,000 Won
Size/Pages W 152mm, H 210mm, Thickness 19mm, 328 pages
IBSN 979-11-88915-10-1 03590
Category Child Education / English Education
Keywords #EnglishEducation, #MomsEnglish

Hand-picked English books and videos!
Low-cost but effective English learning with children’s book and YouTube videos!


10 minutes a day? 3 hours a day? No! It’s not about the time but more about how many books read and videos watched!
Use 1/5 of money to send your child to English kindergarten to buy books and watch good YouTube videos.
In 1 year, the child will speak English. In 3 years, the child will read English novels.
Don’t worry and start now! Mom’s attention and efforts will definitely pay off.


“English learning for kids. When and how?”
This is a question many parents ask themselves. Many parents who regret not knowing English send their children to English kindergarten and academies so that they can be free of stress from English. This is of course very costly and if you have more than one kid in the household, the cost to send them to these English schools is higher than cost of food. Is this really the right answer?
Mom’s English is not an alternative to English kindergarten and academies, but the best way to help your child learn English skills. It is of course very cost effective. Moms just have to pay attention and make effort.
“I bought and read many Mom’s English books, but I still have no idea what to do.”
“I know that children’s books and DVD are effective, but what should I do?”
This book guides moms to be most effective without spending much money. We start by learning English through children’s songs. After that we go in stages with children’s books, readers book, and then chapter book. There are recommendations for books and videos that the kids would enjoy for each stage, so moms can know what books and videos to use.
With this book, let’s start talking and writing mom’s English without spending too much money and without fighting with your kids.

About the Author - Yang, Minjeong

Yang, Minjeong is a mother of two children aged 4 and 9. She has worked as a teacher for 12 years. She graduated in English major from Daejeon Foreign Language High School and in social living from Ewha Women’s University’s College of Education.
She believes that whatever her children do in their life, English would be an important tool, so she makes effort to expose them to English without spending much money and without fighting with them. After trying out mom’s English, she found that it made both mom and children happy. On weekends when it’s hard to go outside due to dust particles, they rest and play listening and watching English. Unlike their mom who avoid foreigners, her kids have no problem talking with them in a natural manner. They even write their own novel using the stories from the English novel they read.
Mom’s English can be taught by anyone. It looks like it’s hard work, but actually there are many easy tips. The fact that there are so many YouTube videos make it great to teach English. This book was written with hopes that many moms of Korea can be freed from worrying about how to teach English to their kids.


· 3 stage scenario for success at mom’s English. Your children can read English novels in 3 years!
· Throw out the old lists! The videos and books mentioned in this book are carefully selected from those that the author found to be useful. She doesn’t just list covers or titles, but all materials include a YouTube link as well as detailed description.
· How to get English books, videos, and sounds are mentioned in detail.
· Smartphone NO! The book describes how to use YouTube like DVD.
· When should you start mom’s English? The book tells you when the best time is.
· How to transition from reading and listening to writing and speaking is discussed.
· Answers to tough questions that were not easy to ask to other moms.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Setting a goal for mom’s English
Chapter 1. Why do you need to start mom’s English now?
Chapter 2. Anyone can teach mom’s English

Part 2. Making an environment for mom’s English
Chapter 3. How to make environment for exposing English
Chapter 4. Make English enjoyable like a game

Part 3. Mom’s English, how to
Chapter 5. Mom’s English, when and how?
01 | Promise before starting mom’s English
02 | Mom’s English, when to start?
03 | 3 stage scenario of mom’s English
04 | Where to find English books, videos, and sounds
Chapter 6. 3 stages of mom’s English, how to
01 | Preparation stage for mom’s English – Children’s song + books with 1-2 lines sentences
02 | First stage of mom’s English – Video + Children’s book
03 | Second stage of mom’s English – Video + English book (Readers book)
04 | Third stage of mom’s English – Video + Reading English book + Listening to chapter book
05 | Mom’s English guide starting at age 7

Part 4. Level up for mom’s English
Chapter 7. Speaking and writing
Chapter 8. Effect is more than just language learning

Mom’s English Q&A